Refresh your spirit this New Year

Refresh your spirit this New Year

2020 is coming to a close. 

It has been a year of heartbreak and exhaustion as well as a year of learning, growing, and reflecting. A new year of hope is right around the corner. 

In different ways—through beloved literature, the treasures of Scripture, or the “still, small voice” of the Holy Spirit—these devotionals help us make space for God as we enter a new year. We hope you'll find the perfect book to bless you.


These devotionals have transformed the lives of their readers, helping many people to quiet their hearts and listen for the “still, small voice” barely audible in today's society. Available in the original, leatherette, pocket-sized edition.



Walk with God through some of the great classics of Christian spirituality. Along with the “great cloud of witnesses” across the centuries who have encountered God through The Cloud of Unknowing, may you also enter more fully into the brightness and glory of God’s presence.



Find 365 days of guidance for the quest of spiritual perfection and the reality of spiritual failure, arranged according to monthly practices such as gratitude, generosity, prayer, Sabbath-keeping, and hospitality.



“What a delight to find so extraordinary a collection meant for use in ordinary time! Any book that includes passages from The Wind in the Willows and Moby Dick, as well as poems by George Herbert and Christina Rossetti, is all right with me. ”
Kathleen Norris



365 Positive Bible Verses

Short, memorable, daily doses of the Bible work like vitamins in your life! A good Bible verse stays in your system, providing nutrients and help when you need it most.



This book introduces a saint for each day of the year—ordinary people who made the choice to love Jesus and give their lives to him.  Each day's reflection is designed to inspire and challenge you to become who God intends for you to become. We can do this. But we need the help of the saints!



My Year with the Saints for Kids!

This book is a gift to Catholic families, and you should have a copy in your home, ready to use and pray with!” —Katie Prejean McGrady

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