Paraclete Essentials

Paraclete Essentials

Rediscover the essential wisdom of the Christian faith in these engaging, contemporary editions of the Christian classics. 

“Most of us will never be monastics, much less desert-dwelling hermits. Yet who among us does not need to know who to turn trouble into spiritual good, how to lovingly bear minor slights and major wounds, how to forgive and offer compassion? And who among us does not long to meet God at a far deeper level than we've ever met him before?” —Paula Huston, from the foreword to The Way of Perfection

Paraclete Press began as a publisher of the Christian Classics, and the classics have remained the bedrock and inspiration for our publishing mission to this day. Ancient and ever new, they offer us enduring wisdom, practical guidance, and stability in our troubled times---and in our daily lives. Long before the popular spirituality of today's writers, these daring and faithful Christians showed us how to make the spiritual part of the everyday. 

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