"A Stream of Love Springs in Golgotha" Reflection

"A Stream of Love Springs in Golgotha" Reflection

by Botrus Mansour, author of Looking from the Precipice: Reflections from Nazareth of a Palestinian Christian Evangelical

…. the cross is more than just a scene that stirs emotions. It is the central scene in the history of humankind; it is the time when the crucified connected earth and heaven. At that time, Christ, who knew no sin, was made a curse and a sin for us. The Son has restored to the fold whoever believes in the Father.

Above all, God’s indescribable love was demonstrated on the cross. On this cross of contempt, God’s greatest love was manifested as the cost was the highest ever – the shed blood of the Son of God.

In front of this indescribable love, everything changes. Through the cross, humans are reconciled with their God and Creator. The cross restores us to our original state: to the intimate relationship with our Creator, who created us in his image. That image was distorted because of our deviation, which made it difficult to experience this likeness with God’s image. However, the cross restored what had been stolen and fixed all that had been distorted.

The cross encourages you to remember the basics. For instance, we remember that the origin of everything is love as God is love. As a loving, innovative creator, he created us to be in an intimate loving relationship with him. God has implanted in his creation a stream of love. Humanity longs for this kind of love. It is like a mirage that it continues to pursue for a lifetime, hoping to find it.

Through the cross, the Lord has removed all that hinders or damages our relationship, the disobedience of humankind by sinning. Heaven showered humans with love so that their hearts overflowed with it – a wellspring that won’t be drained.

We wandered in the dry wilderness, but with the freshness of the overflowing spring, the thirst for love came to an end. Now, we may drink from it until we are filled.

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