Who We Are

Paraclete Press is an ecumenical Christian publisher of books, sacred music, and videos that celebrate the richness and depth of what it means to be Christian. While Benedictine spirituality is at the heart of our identity, our resources reflect the Christian experience across many cultures, time periods, and houses of worship. Read More

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Thoughts and Reflections

He Kept on Walking

Excerpted from Small Surrenders: A Lenten Journey by Emilie Griffin A friend of mine told me about a homily that moved him, given by a man who, facing a terminal illness himself, spoke about Jesus walking to Jerusalem. And the repeated thought,...

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We need poems.

There are a few pleasures left in book publishing. One is also a privilege: to occasionally be allowed to bring out books that the marketing people aren’t quite sure they’ll be able to sell well. Then, a publisher feels that … Continue reading
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