Meet the Paraclete Press Team

Sales Team


Sharon Pfeiffer

Retail, Specialty Sales and Author Events/Sales

Sharing the joy of Christ through inspirational books and sacred music, Sharon is blessed to share the mission of Paraclete Press. Also serving as one of the organists at the Church of the Transfiguration and member of the Gloriæ Dei Cantores, her life has many facets. Her dog Coach is a special addition to the Paraclete sales room, and a happy companion on long walks!

Sr. Naomi Jamison

Retail Sales

Sister Naomi began working at Paraclete in 1983 as our typesetter, holding that position for 13 years. Most recently, she has joined the Sales Team working with our retail stores and especially with our church and school customers. Her passion is to get our biblically-sound, faith-based children's books into the hands of our next generation to help them grow in their faith. Her other passions are gardening and cooking.

Martin Shannon

Church & School Sales

Martin Shannon is an Episcopal priest, liturgist, and writer of daily devotional collections, seasonal studies, and other materials for spiritual formation at his home, the Community of Jesus on Cape Cod, MA. He holds a PhD in Liturgical Studies from the Catholic University of America. He and his wife, Mary, have four grown children.

Paul Tingley

Web, Design, Print Sales

Paul finds it a joy to work with our print, web and design customers and loves helping with bringing ideas and visions into being. Whether it is a selfpub author, one of our local restaurants or inns, he enjoys meeting new people and making friends along the way. When not on the phone, he can be found practicing his trumpet or playing soccer with his grandkids!

Treva Whichard

Customer Service

Treva was a customer of Paraclete's for many years, never dreaming she would work there. Through Paraclete, she learned of Gregorian Chant which is now important to her for many reasons. For over 17 years, she has had the blessing of working at Paraclete in various capacities. Her little rescue dog sleeps by her desk; a grateful employee as well!

Marketing Team


Lexa Hale


Lexa brings her love of both the writers and the readers, and her passion for literature and the arts, to her role in publicity and marketing. Paraclete publishes beautiful books that point to Jesus, and she can't wait to tell you all about them.

Katherine Norman

Website Manager

Katie loves art, beauty, music, poetry, teaching, designing, writing, learning — all of which she gets to do at her job for Paraclete Press! When not behind a computer, Katie can be found singing in the Gloriæ Dei Cantores, cooking for her family, and learning new things! 

Olivia Tingley

Olivia loves working in the Editorial Department at Paraclete and bringing books to life! When she's not at her desk, Olivia likes listening to podcasts while baking and reading and writing new stories.

Editorial Team


Robert Edmonson

Bob enjoys editing books and interfacing with authors and literary agents. When not at his desk, he can be spotted gardening and taking walks with his energetic Havanese pooch, Giuseppe!

Michelle Rich

Michelle enjoys her editorial work, taking a variety of wonderful titles from manuscript to finished book. At home, she can be found in her greenhouse and garden, or in front of her sewing machine.

Lillian Miao

Lillian has served our authors in editorial work, marketing, and most of the departments since near the beginning of the company! She loves new challenges that seem to come up daily and in various streams. Making yummy foods such as Peking Duck and caring for the latest varieties of peonies are some of Lillian's passions.

Design Team


Mike Hale

Graphic Designer

In addition to being a designer for Paraclete, Mike is also a composer. You can see more about him at his website,

Br. Anthony

Graphic Designer

Br. Anthony loves the combination of the creative element of designing and working with people to see their vision come to life. When he's not designing, you can often find him playing the organ, landscaping in the yard, or trying a new recipe in the kitchen.

Dane Olsen

Graphic Designer

Dane loves working with his hands, whether that’s designing a book cover or building a boat. Using graphic design to further spread the joy and love that Paraclete’s products contain is an incredible opportunity. When not designing Dane can be found playing the organ or surfing the beautiful beaches of Cape Cod.

Br. Christopher

Graphic Designer

Br. Christopher works at the Paraclete Design department, loves graphic design, great poetry and walking dogs Annie and Dylan into work on beautiful days!

Sarah Kanaga

Web Developer

Sarah loves the diversity of her job at Paraclete, from creating new websites for restaurants and small businesses, to helping her fellow employees with computer problems. When not at Paraclete, she enjoys being a member of Elements Theatre Company and ringing tower bells!

Music Department


Jim Jordan

Music Editor/Marketing

Sometimes you will find me doing an education video on a chant book, or discussing the upcoming choral needs for the fall with a church music director, or working with someone to market one of many Paracletes' audio and design services, but I will always be happy to "visit" with you anytime! ("visit" as defined by native Midwesterners - A lovely and heartfelt talk on the phone with anyone!) As they say, "How else do you get to know someone and how to help them?" "You can't very well tell someone what anthem would work for them on Sunday two weeks hence if you don't know whether will be enough tenors to cover a particular part!" So, let me hear from you!

Business Team


Danielle Bushnell

Purchaser and Contracts Administrator

Danielle feels beyond blessed to be a part of carrying out the mission of Paraclete Press for 27 years and counting. Her other passions include teaching American history and government to homeschoolers, playing the bass clarinet, caring for her dog, Jasper, and her cat, Lilac. 

Br. Mark


Br. Mark serves at Paraclete in fulfillment, inventory and printing. He also enjoys the creativity of the visual arts, music and cooking.

Br. Jacob

Accounts Payable

Before recently landing in finance, Br. Jacob has worked at Paraclete in a few departments including video, shipping, bindery, purchasing, shipping, inventory and sales. Someday he hopes to go skydiving too!