New Fr. Ron Rolheiser book for Spring 2021

Desire, Sexuality, Longing, and God
Ronald Rolheiser



Part One: Who We Are

1/ We Are Made for Longing

2/ Raw Desire

3/ Feeding off Sacred Fire

4/ Restless Hearts Yearn for God

5/ Caverns of Feeling

6/ Dark Memory

7/ Our Congenital Complexity

8/ Our Struggle with Grandiosity

9/ In Praise of Skin


Part Two: Applications

10/ Sex as Sacrament

11/ The Sacramentality of Everyday Life

12/ Understanding the Desert of Loneliness

13/ An Honest Anger

14/ Desire into Prayer

15/ Sexuality

16/ Re-imagining Chastity

17 / What Is Purity?

18 / Living with Feeling and Soul

19/ A Plea for the Soul

20 / What We Long For