A Reflection for Ash Wednesday

A Reflection for Ash Wednesday


Children laughing in Judea beyond the Jordan. Wide eyes and ready faith, they joy in being with the Life. Some deep connection between these fresh from his creation. Not yet conducted into the world of men.

Their laughs cut off with officious “No’s” by those who control those who cannot oppose. Presumed heads of a new order more important as they maintain the claim of who will be the greatest. They miss the lead of the Lord, his soft countenance for little ones he blesses.

Great leaders have no time for children and childish ways. Administrative adults busy in a world of bartering, wagging tongues, and eating the next meal. Blind by the exigencies of what they choose to see. Blind to the future before them. Blind to the past they lost.

Blind to the Life teaching through the children. Teaching we are not the rulers. Not the rule enforcers. Not the judges we think we are. Nor the executioners.

Blind to the now. Teaching us to see again with eyes of wonder and trust. Teaching us not to miss his joy and peace. “Unless you become as a little child,” he says, “you cannot enter his kingdom.”

Lest we forget, the Life teaches through the children.

Teaches the many ways we are not God.


(Mark 10:13–16, Matthew 19:13–15, 18:4)


A Lenten Reflection for ASH WEDNESDAY
Excerpted from Christ the Life by Thomas L. Martin

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