7 weeks until Ash Wednesday ✝️

7 weeks until Ash Wednesday ✝️

Ash Wednesday | March 2, 2022

This exquisite 3-volume CD set by the renowned Gloriæ Dei Cantores Schola illuminates the passion, mystery, and beauty of the life of Christ in Gregorian chant, including the complete passion narrative according to the Gospel of John. 

Lent is not only about giving things up. This is a time for refocusing and rededicating our lives. These prayers from Christian sources of many backgrounds, cultures, and traditions, will inspire and sustain you during this most important season.

Spend Lent with twenty-five magnificent, delicate, intricate, and now vanishing wild animals. Vivid descriptions of their lives will fill you with wonder at what they suffer on a planet shaped by human choices, and wake in you the promise of Lent: the wild hope that something new will rise. 

Surround yourself with the peaceful, reverent music of Gregorian chant in this 3-volume CD set for Passiontide, by the monastic choir of St. Peter’s Abbey in Solesmes, France.

“This book tenderly and thoughtfully explains the Lenten season . . . best of all, it is written in a way that allows the child to see ways in which to meaningfully participate in the process and shift attention away from a season of ‘I can't have...’ to a season of preparation and dedication.” —Amy Shaw, educator

This engaging, contemporary guide to the ancient practice of praying the Stations of the Cross provides scriptures, meditations, and prayers. 

For a fresh and engaging prayer practice, Writing to God provides 47 days of prayers, Scriptures, and writing prompts to guide our journey through Lent, including Sundays and Holy Week. 

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