Adorate Deum

By Sr. Fidelis

It never ceases to amaze me that there is so much creative variety in the various chant melodies — evidence that the Holy Spirit was guiding with inspiration! Week 3’s Introit, Adorate Deum, is a case in point. This is no “predictable” tune, but has surprises throughout, and there’s much we can learn from this Mode 7 piece. First to note is the DO clef, which is located unusually low on the 2nd line. This enables the complete octave range of the piece to “fit” on the 4-line stave. Mode 7 recites on RE, with a Home Tone of SOL. (A reminder that the other SOL Mode, 8, recites on DO). The opening phrase has this wonderful “pull” from DO to RE on the words “Adorare Deum,” which the Monks of Solesmes demonstrate so beautifully. It then blossoms into an 8-note rising and falling phrase on the words “omnes angeli eius.”  The most unusual interval occurs on the word “angeli,” with the descent of a 4th. The interplay between DO and RE continues in the next phrase, particularly on the words “laetata” and “Sion.” The last phrase demonstrates the same on “et exsultaverunt,” and the final RE-SOL of the piece is on the word “filiae.”  From there it gracefully descends from DO down to SOL.

Adore God, you, all His angels. Zion has heard and rejoiced, and the daughters of Judah exult. Ps. Verse: The Lord is king; let the earth exult, let the many isles rejoice.

Introit Adorate Deum


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