By Sr. Fidelis

Mode VIII is the most prolific of all the modes when it comes to antiphons!  Mode VIII has a Reciting Tone of DO and shares the same Home Tone as Mode VII, which is SOL.  Mode VIII  pieces have a “major”  sound to them because of the range of the modal scale they use.  Our example this week is taken from the Easter Office of Lauds.”But the Angel answering, said to the women:  Do not be afraid; for I know that you seek Jesus, alleluia.” (Matthew 28:5)

A look at our antiphon shows us many things.  The opening intonation outlines the key structural pitches, SOL and DO.  There is recitation on the DO on “Nolite timere” at the beginning of the second line.  This piece reminds us of Mode VII (which recites on RE), as it rises in several spots above the DO to the upper pitch, reminding us that these modes are closely related, linked by their shared Home tone.

Respondens autem Angelus

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