Perfect Wine

By Melodious Monk

Striving to be perfect is a crippling way to live. For me it’s a compulsive attempt to cover up all the inadequacies I feel about myself. Being free of this drive is largely why I was drawn to the Christian walk in the first place. But to this day, I find this addiction very difficult to give up. I want life to be black and white. I want there to be a textbook that lists the right ways and the wrong ways to do things — then I can master the text book and get straight A’s!  The problem is that life doesn’t work like a textbook exam. I know it sounds silly, but what may be more silly, is that day after day I fall into the same trap of trying to drive my own life!  That’s a lot of pressure to get straight A’s, and try to stay one step ahead of whatever might be coming next in life.

It can be terrifying to try and follow, to not know the plan ahead, or have all the answers for the next move. But it is also thrilling, exciting, relaxing, and necessary if we want to walk with Jesus. I’m reminded of His words, “I am the vine, and you are the branches.” Let’s not have our arrogance lie to us and tell us we need to be the vine also.  For through His vine, we are offered a taste of the very best wine.

The Community of Jesus

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