Your uniquely wonderful future.

Your uniquely wonderful future.

Embrace your circumstances as the soil for your uniquely wonderful future.

Accept the good and the bad of your life, and then realize that these circumstances place opportunities before you that are unique to you. There’s only one you. Your circumstances aren’t there to punish you or hold you back. They are there, for better and worse, as the soil from which you can realize the potential in your future.

Those who’ve reached places of wholeness and healing don’t disassociate from their backgrounds. Helen Keller didn’t ask for illness. But her life became an inspiration, her voice amplified because of what she overcame. Losing to the Detroit Pistons is what ultimately moved the Chicago Bulls to overcome that obstacle to win their first championship. It wasn’t a denial of losing. It was an embracing of that loss, in order that they might learn and grow from it.

Maybe you’re marinating in hate, resentment, frustration, and resignation. But how is that working for you? Living with a fist raised to the sky when you look at the cards you’ve been dealt doesn’t do anything to the sky or the cards. The truth is that not only can you learn to deal with the cards, the game itself can change. Rather than raising a fist to the sky, you can learn to lift your hands in praise. This is a process, but it’s also possible.

And that begs a different question: How desperate are you for change? Embracing your circumstances allows you to begin navigating those circumstances. But that will require a change in your attitudes and actions.

You were born into a mess. I was born into a mess. But are we condemned to it for the rest of our lives? No.

—Derek Webster, Your Mess, God's Masterpiece

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