Announcing Raven: New Fiction Imprint from Paraclete that Recognizes Darkness, Reaches for Light

Announcing Raven: New Fiction Imprint from Paraclete that Recognizes Darkness, Reaches for Light

The year 2020 has taken its toll on humanity in ways that would have been unimaginable in the pre-pandemic world. The publishing industry especially has played an essential role in meeting the needs of a readership hungry for understanding and insight. At this crucial moment, Paraclete Press is pleased to announce its new fiction imprint: Raven.

Great fiction costs something––it costs the writer who makes it, and it costs those who read it. A great novel is willing to expose the dark side of human nature; it doesn’t skirt the issues of manipulation, power, injustice, oppression, jealousy, evil; it authentically gives texture and substance to characters that resonate with us as real human beings. Without darkness, there’s no light.

Genres may vary. In every case, we appreciate stories of day-to-day realism but also mind-bending science fiction, stimulating fantasy parables, and nearly dehumanizing horror. These stories startle and perturb us into fresh realizations of truth in a complex modern world.

Like a mirror, these stories reflect our lives, marked by doubt and pain, and engage our imagination, challenge our expectations, and throw us out of the familiar into the unknown and uncomfortable. Then we find ourselves surprised and awed—by new encounters, by hope and unexpected goodness, and by astonishing beauty.

The Raven, to the ancient Israelites, the Greeks, and the Romans, represented light and wisdom and sustenance and at the same time darkness and mystery, all of which comprise our human experience.

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