Claim the High Calling

By Sr. Nun Other

Come, labor on. Claim the high calling angels cannot share.

These beautiful words, written by English lyricist Jane Bothwick, perfectly describe the pilgrimage of a soul. I can say, in the best sense of the idiom, I lead a double life. That is, I walk a practical journey from one endeavor to another,  attending morning office, washing dishes, weeding the garden, or perhaps checking out a sunset on a near-autumn evening.

Running simultaneously with the practical is my individual, inward spiritual journey. There I search through the everyday and ordinary for what Jesus called the pearl of great price. I wonder if it’s really “the absence of” that I search for: the absence of fear, doubt, ego – whatever it is that obscures my vision and hinders the work of God. The longer I journey, the more perspective changes. What seemed so important just a few steps ago, has lost significance. The pearl is less elusive and just there, within my reach.


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