Paraclete Video Streaming FAQ

Life has many challenges — loss, bereavement, loneliness, stress. Let us help support your ministry with resources for hope, healing, and new beginnings. 


How does it work?

Order our Complete Library, Grief Library, Social Issues Library, Kids Faith Formation Library or Adult Faith Formation Library, and you will receive an email from one of our Video Streaming staff members with login credentials. 

Once given a login, you will have access to the resources in your package for 1 year. This login can be used at anytime on any device.


What do I get?

Share access with every staff member, small group leader, pastoral care coordinator, teacher, and church member who would benefit from these award-winning resources!

Find immediate, trusted support on a wide range of topics including:

  • sudden death of a loved one

  • caregiving

  • addiction

  • suicide bereavement

  • children's grief

  • caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's

  • prayer and faith formation

  • bullying 



Call 1 800-451-5006 and ask to talk to one of our sales representatives.
Or, email with questions or concerns.