by Sofia Starnes, author of The Consequence of Moonlight: Poems 

Imagine one magnolia in the yard, 

a solitary grosbeak out of reach 

on a solitary branch—

the season’s final archive of ascent. 

Imagine that it drops a leaf. 

Your glance catches it, 

forgoes the arbor and the drift-wing 

and the extent to which they live, 

to reconcile the iris with one sky,

one tree, one mortal bird.

Intent, it’s all about intent—

as with the eye, no more surveyor

but a lover in the momentary light,

or with the moon, drawn resolute 

when tugging at the mist, 

the immaculate lagoon, the girl 

in mid-discovery. 

At last, she stirs, full weight on little

feet, her focus on the door….

How green each word outside her room.

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