The Proper for the Liturgy of the Hours

The Proper for the Liturgy of the Hours

April 28, Blessed Itala Mela

Itala Mela was born in La Spezia, Italy in 1904. After beginning her teaching career and an apostolic commitment at the Italian Catholic Federation of University Students, she had to give up teaching and her aspiration to the monastic life due to health problems. Through unique mystical experiences, she realized that she had to live and also die to announce the mystery of the Trinity's presence in the baptized and to promote the holiness of the clergy. Her long road of illness was lived in constant service to her family and to the enlivening of her diocese. This was all accomplished through progressive mystical gifts. She died April 29th, 1957 in La Spezia. 


From the Common of Holy Women, with the psalms from the Office of the day. 

 Original Italian text accessed December 15, 2020 (

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