Your yoke today

Your yoke today

He brought me out into a spacious place; he rescued me because he delighted in me. Psalm 18:19
We’re hardwired for self-centeredness. For God to break through our self-serving schemes isn’t easy. Only complete transformation can move us from a self-centered life to a God-centered life. It takes an accident, perhaps quite literally a horrifying, life-threatening accident and the subsequent suffering, to crack the self-serving hardpan of the ego. That accidental cracking open leads us to discover the treasure of God’s presence and action within. —Amos Smith, Be Still and Listen

Prayer of the Day
Lord of Love, I am sorry for how often I try to take care of “me” instead of going to you for the fulfillment of my every need. I choose to embrace your yoke today, for it is only in you that I find freedom from my striving and rest for my soul. Amen.

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