Ancient strains of praise to God

Ancient strains of praise to God


In a world filled with noise, stress, and anxiety, the sounds of monks or nuns singing in a quiet church, filling it with ancient strains of praise to God can bring an otherworldly comfort.

However, as beautiful as it may sound, chant was not intended simply to be heard. The only way to fully explore its purpose and depth of meaning is to actively participate in it. People who offer their prayers using chant find themselves caught up in something much larger than themselves and are rewarded with unexpected fruit—just as Christians have been discovering for over 1500 years.

This evening, give yourself a peaceful end to your day. Light a candle, listen to the service of Compline, and sing along if you like. 

Print out the words here. 

Listen to the music here. 

Excerpted from The Song of Prayer: A Practical Guide to Learning Gregorian Chant

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