Let my light come through and shine

Let my light come through and shine

Blossoms are more beautiful, petals prettier, when they let the light shine through. The light comes streaming from behind them, and they cannot see it, or know it is there, but they are sure it is not at them alone others are gazing in wonder.

Such are my people, who let my light come through and shine in ways they themselves cannot see. I know how best to illuminate my own creation, how to show off its delicate colours and seep through its translucent frailty, how to make it glow with heavenly delight.

Trust me then, to have made you perfectly for the light that will reach out to the world through the thin and wearing patches of you that feel the least holy. Trust me to shine out of the cracks and woundings, through the gaps you are desperate to fill. These may be the very places you join with me in shining bright.

Do not, then, be in such a hurry to “fix” yourselves or to cover yourselves in heavy layers of protection, for it may be that to others, your fragility is precisely where my glory meets and awes the world. And this too is wholeness.

-Keren Dibbens-Wyatt, Recital of Love: Sacred Receivings

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