A little book of encouragement—images and meditations to begin your day

A little book of encouragement—images and meditations to begin your day

On the most difficult of days, I am usually able to walk outside and see something beautiful. Over the years, I’ve learned to capture these moments with my camera. It is these images of beauty that I offer you here, in the hope that you’ll use them to find your own beautiful places and spaces in this world.

There is a world to come that will be beautiful beyond all our imagining. I believe that with all my being. But I also believe this world—where we are right now—is full of what should fill us with the wonder of God, who is Beauty itself. . .

Over a lifetime I have gone from black and white photography to oil paintings to color photography, all without deviating from finding peace and joy in capturing the Beauty of God. This is something available to all of us, if we just look for it. May your looking for it in these pages lead you to look for it all around you, wherever you are.
This little book is an ideal gift for everyone on your list—friends, family, someone struggling with an illness, faithful devotees to Jesus CallingEchoes of Eternity, or My Utmost for His Highest.It's the perfect size to put in a stocking, a guest room, a gift basket to greet a new neighbor, or as a gift for your pastor or anyone at your church. Full of beautiful images and reassuring words from Echoes of Eternity that speak of God's love, provision, and guidance, this little book will bless all who read it. 

The perfect gift for Christmas—order your copies now!

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