Coffee on the Fly

By Sr. Nun Other

If you’re like me (and others I know), there are certain things you rely on. Morning coffee is on my list. A day or two ago, I poured a cup, added dry creamer, sipped, then went to answer the phone. I returned to discover a fly had invaded sacred space. I won’t divulge HOW I discovered this. Let’s just say it was unpleasant. I was on the cusp — with one foot over — of letting this experience define my day.

Another source of unrest is a lost “necessity.” And it can be anything. For one sister it was a missing mechanical pencil, her favorite pencil, the one she couldn’t be without. When a thorough search failed, she became anxious, and believed the pencil would never be found.

These are simple situations, but I’ve found that feelings are much less reasonable than reality. In Matthew 6:25, Jesus tells us not to worry about what we’ll eat, wear, etc., not if we’ll eat, which is a much larger problem. He knows the danger of our obsessing over little things, losing our focus, and sometimes our way. The sister I mentioned decided to “let the pencil go” and not let it distort her perspective.  The result? She found it the very next day and has vowed to put her name on it. Just in case.

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