Gregorian Chant: The Eternal Song

By Sr. Fidelis

“Not so Ordinary” Time

At the close of Pentecost, we enter into Ordinary Time. Taken from the Late Latin word ordinalis, Ordinary denotes order, or place of succession. The Latin term for this period is Tempus per annum — time through the year. There are two periods of Ordinary Time in the church Calendar; the first is from the Feast of the Baptism of Christ, through to Ash Wednesday, and the second period, extends from the Monday after Pentecost to the First Sunday of Advent. So we are in a season of counted weeks! This second period is a much longer one, and will take us through the summer into the last weeks of autumn. The Propers for these weeks are becoming familiar “friends” as we revisit them year after year; each with a distinct melody, text and modal framework. But each annual repetition brings with it new revelation and inspiration – proof that these chants were inspired by the moving of the Holy Spirit!


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