Leaving All

By Sr. Fidelis

“You who have left all things and followed me, shall receive a hundredfold, and inherit eternal life.”

This Gospel quote from Matthew takes on a new perspective during Lent. Whether we be leaving our agendas, our control, our comfort zones, to follow Jesus, he promises us much more in unlikely ways, including the promise of eternal life. Whatever we cling to so closely needs to be “relinquished” into his hands.

This Mode 1 antiphon begins on the Home Tone RE, and gently rises to its peak on centuplum (one hundred) one pitch above the Reciting Tone of LA. The pitch of TI gives this word an “acidic” edge as it descends to the FA MI on the last syllable, outlining an augmented 4th. Here is a classic example of Mode 1, utilizing the lower part of the range and giving a somber and mysterious element to the tonality of this antiphon.

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