Mr. Rogers’ fish, flying reindeer, and the wonder of a child – the story you need this Christmas!

Mr. Rogers’ fish, flying reindeer, and the wonder of a child – the story you need this Christmas!

“May the charm of this little book
add to the beauty of your neighborhood.” 
Joanne Rogers, wife of Fred Rogers 

Dear Friends, 


It’s the end of July, and we need a little Christmas! And we want to share a special book that means a lot to us: Mr. Nicholas by Christopher de Vinck. This is the story of JB, a young boy with Down syndrome, who strikes up an unlikely friendship with Mr. Nicholas — the strange man who owns the hardware store down the street. You’ll meet JB’s dad, Jim, a reporter, and his mother, Anna, an artist – both disillusioned with life and each other, on the brink of divorce, when something mysterious happens… But we won’t spoil it for you!  


Click on the link below for a sneak preview of this magical tale of hope and reconciliation, and celebrate the unique goodness of every person, in every family, in every neighborhood. Pre-order yours now! For every five copies ordered, we’ll add one more copy for free — our gift to you. 


Merry Christmas! 

All of us at Paraclete 

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“A magical Christmas story in which lives and hearts are changed by a small boy’s unconditional love.”
Foreword Reviews

Christopher de Vinck, husband, father, and grandfather, devoted forty years to a career in public education. He is the author of essays for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News, USA Today, Reader’s Digest, Good Housekeeping, and author of thirteen books. 
“De Vinck’s point of view about life and love and children and teachers is important for the world. . . I would like as many people as possible to know his work.” —Madeleine L’Engle

“Chris de Vinck is a blessing through his writing and his person. I’m grateful for his simple wonders, and the great wonders of our lifelong friendship.” —Fred Rogers
“Christopher de Vinck’s writings are widely and wisely attentive; they neglect neither the failures and anguish nor the compassion and hope of this world... They give insight and comfort. They cannot help but nurture the spirit.” —Mary Oliver 
“More that any other author I know, Chris has the unique gift of revealing the beauty of the ordinary, the truth hidden in the small events of life, and the light shining through the brokenness of our daily existence.” —Henri Nouwen
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