Poems of pain, forgiveness, and healing in “To Shatter Glass”— New from Iron Pen

Poems of pain, forgiveness, and healing in “To Shatter Glass”— New from Iron Pen

Poems of pain and forgiveness, for those who struggle to find healing from a childhood marked by addiction 

In fifty-six poems, Sister Sharon Hunter traces seventy years of life: a childhood marked by addiction, a destructive and childless marriage, and following God’s call to life in a modern convent. She touches on the need to know ourselves, to accept our humanity as defined by God, and to strive toward reconciliation through self-examination and forgiveness. 


Sister Sharon Hunter, CJ, is a professed religious of thirty-five years at the Community of Jesus, on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Born in 1947 in the farming region of Western Pennsylvania, Sister Sharon was raised a country girl. Her writing, infused with practical, sometimes stark reality, complements her desire to offer hope in extreme circumstances, beauty in our sufferings, and assurance that light is always with us. 
Sister Faith Riccio, CJ, created the paintings featured in this book. She is an artist and a religious sister at the Community of Jesus, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Her work can be seen in private collections and exhibits internationally, and at the Church of the Transfiguration in Orleans, Massachusetts. Sister Faith is also the author of Icons: The Essential Collection.

“O that my words were written down! 

O that they were inscribed in a book! 

O that with an iron pen and with lead 

They were engraved on a rock forever!” 

—Job 19:23-24 


Outcast and utterly alone, Job pours out his anguish to his Maker. From the depths of his pain, he reveals a trust in God’s goodness that is stronger than his despair, giving humanity some of the most beautiful and poetic verses of all time. Paraclete’s Iron Pen imprint is inspired by this spirit of unvarnished honesty and tenacious hope. 

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