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In gratitude for the life of Carol Showalter, one of the original members of Paraclete Press and founder of the national 3D/Your Whole Life program

Carol Showalter, a vital member of the Paraclete Press team since its founding, has entered the paradise chapter of her life at age 83. Her friendship, humor, zest for life, and contagious love for Jesus will be remembered by all who knew her. She was a luminary and a beloved friend to many in religion publishing. 

Since Paraclete began more than 40 years ago the press has undergone many changes—changes in location and new buildings, the shift from the giant four-color Heidelberg presses to digital, moments of great challenge and great blessing, miracles, surprises, relationships forged all over the world. Not many of us who serve at Paraclete were here for all of those historic moments, but Carol Showalter was. 

Carol had a rare perspective: she was not only the original Director of Marketing and Sales at Paraclete Press, but also a passionate publicist, member of the editorial board, author, and the founder in 1972 of 3D (later Your Whole Life), a program that has changed thousands of lives. When Carol took on a project, she was unstoppable. 

Carol gifted so many of us with her wholehearted warmth and generosity of spirit, mentoring, and training, inspiring the next generation in the mission of Christian publishing. We will miss Carol very much, but we rejoice with her now, reunited with good friends like Phyllis Tickle, her husband, Bill, and others who have gone before. Even at the grave we make our song: Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia.



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