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Holy Spirit

Who is the Holy Spirit? What does the Holy Spirit do? These are common questions about a sometimes confusing topic. In the Bible, the Holy Spirit staggers us with unexpectedness. The Holy Spirit is not just about speaking in tongues, spiritual gifts or “fruits”—but also about our deepest breath and our highest human aspirations. If you are looking for a fresh understanding of how the Holy Spirit still lives and works in us today, try one of the following books and learn more of what the Holy Spirit can be and do in your life.
In Fresh Airpopular teacher Jack Levison brings a scholar’s knowledge of this complicated biblical topic to a wide audience, crossing all denominational boundaries. This book aims to do nothing less than clarify 2,000 years of confusion on the topic of who the Holy Spirit is, and why it matters. Provocative and life-changing, Fresh Air combines moving personal anecdotes, rich biblical studies, and practical strategies for experiencing the daily presence of the Holy Spirit. In brief chapters, the book finds the presence of the Holy Spirit where we least expect it—human breathing, social transformation, community, hostile situations, and serious learning. Fresh Air unsettles and invigorates readers poised for a fresh experience.
40 Days with the Holy Spirit, also by Jack Levison will inspire you to encounter God in new and surprising ways. You’ll develop stronger spiritual muscles as you breathe, read, reflect, and pray—all with an eye to cultivating a relationship with the least familiar member of the Trinity. The book is interactive, offering the opportunity to write and pray each day. It is intelligent, rooted in a rigorous study of scripture from Genesis to Revelation and inviting, with 40 insightful, well-planned 20- to 30-minute daily exercises. And it is prayerful, with 40 original prayers that capture each day’s insight into the deep work of the Holy Spirit. This book examines what it means to live a Spirit-filled life—a needed resource for those looking to be guided by the Holy Spirit found in Scripture.
Breath of Life: God as Spirit in Judaism by Rachel Timoner explores the Hebrew Bible, Midrash, and other rabbinic writings. Timoner uncovers surprising insights about how God as spirit influences Jewish ideas of creation, revelation, and redemption. Written with an accessible and engaging voice, full of stories and relevant teachings, Breath of Life speaks to lay readers and scholars alike, as it pursues a new perspective on Judaism’s sacred texts. This book promises Christian readers meaningful insights on their own notions of God as Holy Spirit while giving Jewish readers a new look at their own tradition. 
Discover the Holy Spirit in Catholic tradition with Alan Schreck in The Gift! Who is the Holy Spirit? Beginning with the belief in the Holy Spirit as a Person of God, and not just a “force,” this book reveals the Catholic understanding of the presence and influence of the Spirit God in every aspect of the Christian life. The book focuses on the unique aspects and development of Catholic devotion to the Holy Spirit from antiquity to the present, culminating in a look at Catholic theology of the Holy Spirit today and the new and exciting ways the Spirit is working among Catholics and all Christians in the 20th and 21st centuries. 
Who Is the Holy Spirit?: A Walk with the Apostles by Amos Yong helps readers know how to look for and recognize the Spirit's presence and activity in the world. These meditations discern the winds of the Spirit in the lives of Jesus, his disciples, and the earliest Christians and encourage readers to look for and participate in the works of the Holy Spirit in their own lives and in the world. The Holy Spirit is still at work in the 21st century as it was in the first century.
The Chants of the Holy Spirit by the Gloriae Dei Cantores Schola is a selection of Gregorian chants for the Feast of Pentecost. The disciples were waiting in the Upper Room; the wind rushed, the tongues of fire descended, and the Gospel spread throughout the world! These events are all depicted in these Gregorian chants. Opening and closing with the traditional tolling of the Angelus bell, this SACD also features a reading of the Pentecost story from the book of Acts, and Guillaume Dufay's Veni Creator Spiritus.