Taking our cue from the fish

It’s is officially the best time of the year! The herring are running again. For anyone who doesn’t have the distinct pleasure of living near the ocean, the herring (fish) swim upstream to lay their eggs in the calmer ponds.

The herring “runs” are some of the most beautiful, picturesque places I’ve ever seen. Small waterfall and pools, and a succession of sloops (like tiny locks in a river.)

There is a run about a five minute drive from Paraclete, where I took my family (twice!) in the last few days to see the amazing feat of determination that these fish perform.

I’ve always felt that the herring run is one of the most inspiring and heart-breaking places in the world.

These tiny creatures work so hard and their perseverance in the face of immense odds has always inspired and convicted me. Not only the incredible rush of water pushing them back, but also the birds.

I’ve never seen so many seagulls in my life, hunting in what seem to be the most unfair of circumstances!

On the other hand, I always walk away inspired to push through, even when things seem impossibly difficult.

Victory for Herring! (video)

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