The Return of the Trumpet

By Cantor

Two weeks ago, the Introit intonation chant for the feast of Christ in Glory was reminiscent of a trumpet call. Last week, the first week of Advent, the chants sounded full of incredible supplication and beauty.

Now, in the 2nd week of Advent, the “trumpet” intonation returns in the Introit Populus Sion, ecce Dominus veniet et ad salvandos gentes (People of Sion, behold the Lord comes to save the Gentiles.)  This introit, unlike that from last week, is a regal pronouncement, meant to get our attention and give us the answer to the outcry heard in Ad te levavi.

Like many of the chants through the church year, the melodies and the texts of the Advent chants are meant to take us on a journey. The sound of this introit tells us that this is no ordinary person coming to save us, but a person of great power.  Advent presents us with both the human and divine personality of Christ. The sound of Populus Sion leaves no doubt that the King who is coming is God himself.

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