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God Is Nigh

By Melodious Monk This Memorial Day, hearing the hauntingly beautiful sounds of the simple melody we call ‘taps’ brought unexpected tears to my eyes. There’s a fair bit of mystery about the exact origin of this tune coming out of … Continue reading
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By Renaissance Girl We marched in a Memorial Day parade in Holden, MA Monday. We’ve marched it for a few years now and it’s a parade the whole band looks forward to. It’s almost more a liturgy than a parade – and rightly so … Continue reading
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Graceful Waiting

By Sr. Nun Other I’m aware of my impatience and its demands that escalate into anxiety. Impatience can be masked as virtue when perceived as efficiency. But instant results aren’t necessarily of God, at least according to scripture. Here are … Continue reading
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Good News Afresh

We all approach the December 25th celebration with different levels of expectation.  Our hopes at Christmas are always conditioned by past experiences. But what if you had no expectations and were totally surprised? In Matthew 1:20 Joseph is informed by … Continue reading
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