Stock Up for End of Summer Reading!

Stock Up for End of Summer Reading!


We've cleaned out our warehouse and have lots of books in excellent, gently used condition to offer you at deeply discounted prices. It's just $5 per book, but order while supplies last as many of these books are in very short supply! It's a great opportunity to stock up for Christmas, summer reading, gifts for kids, and your personal library. You could also make a gift to your church library, local kids' book fair, or prison ministry. Or just enjoy a few good reads relaxing in the summer sun!

Here's How it Works: 

  • Select which package you'd like below (a book bag of 5, 10, 15 or 20 books)
  • Add it to your cart
  • At checkout, in the comments area, let us know your topics of interest—Example: “I would like 4 books for Children, 2 books on Christian Living, 2 Prayer books and 2 books about Holy People.”  Browse a list of categories here.
  • Based on your selected categories, our team of experts will hand-pick books that will suit you perfectly.


And this year we've added DVDs at just $8 a video!

This is the perfect way to increase your cart amount to qualify for free shipping while getting great content on a wide range of topics including saints, caregiving, addiction and bullying. 

    Give it a try, or feel free to call in and place your order 774-801-2019

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