Meet Our Sales Team

SR. ESTELLE — Catholic Bookstores and Author sales.

 In addition to serving as the sales rep to many of our bookstores, Sr. Estelle is a fantastic chef, food blogger, and singer. She is passionate about discovering beauty, and loves animals, nature and all things food. You can visit her food blog at:

P: 774-801-2041

SR. BRIGID — Gift and Christian Retail, Pet Loss Representative 

When she is not on the phone, Sr. Brigid takes care of her community's cows, is an upholstery expert, and plays the saxophone. She has been a sales rep at Paraclete off and on since 1988!

P: 1-800-451-5006, ext. 342

JIM — Sheet music and Gregorian chant.
Jim will be delighted to talk with you concerning any needs for choral or organ sheet music or Gregorian chant. He’s been involved with Paraclete music for over 30 years and is one of the Organists at The Community of Jesus. However, also feel free to call to discuss this subtext content of the music for Star Trek- a perfect way to teach music theory!

P: 1-800-451-5006. ext. 335

SR. SEANA — Sheet music and conventions.

Music has always been a large part of Sr. Seana's life, beginning with piano lessons at age five. Now she plays the harp, tuba, and is learning the art of change-ringing bells.

P: 1-800-451-5006, ext. 328

CAROL — Special Sales

Carol has been with Paraclete for many years in marketing and sales. Her passion now is serving organizations who offer Paraclete books and CDs as resources or gifts. A beautiful gift bought with love and given in love to others.

P: 1-800-451-5006, ext. 311

SR. PHOENIX — Libraries, Catholic Churches and Schools

P: 1-800-451-5006, ext. 309