Live Events 2023

Join the conversation! 

In March, discussed how to prepare for Holy Week, what joyful gifts you could add to an Easter basket, introduced you to our new poetry collections, and explored how to love God and His creation. 

In April we had a series of beautiful reflections during Holy Week, and we will launch a new novel in our Raven collection, prepare for Mother's Day with our new prayerbook for women, and get ready for Pentecost exploring the topic of the Holy Spirit.  

May is Mary's month. Look forward to a conversation about our Marian resources, discover how to use our books with your VBS program, and discuss great gifts for Grads.

This summer we will be having conversations about the best gifts for Father's Day, the wisdom of Saint Benedict and how it's relevant today, the tragedy of the drug epidemic and what we have to offer grieving families.

It's going to be an exciting year—stay tuned for details to come!