Feast of James the Great, Apostle

Feast of James the Great, Apostle

Great are the works of the Lord; they are pondered by all who delight in them. —Psalm 111:2
Community is lectio divina’s native environment. It is when we are assiduous with Scripture day after day that we come to know how fruitful God’s word is, since God never fails to offer the fruits of lectio to those who listen faithfully and with love. —Enzo Bianchi, Lectio Divina
Prayer of the Day
Jesus, when I seek to be recognized for doing a “good job,” remind me of your disciples arguing over who was the greatest. Your apostle James the Great became the first of the twelve to be martyred. He gave up his desire to be the greatest and lived to serve you. Lord, grant me a servant’s heart like his. Amen.

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