All about Angels

All about Angels

“Angel: a spiritual being superior to humans in power and intelligence; also an attendant spirit or guardian.” 

Angels we all know of them in painting and story, but perhaps not a lot about them or their realm of hidden activity.  Many of us remember the TV series Touched by an Angel; some know their guardian angel and even their name. Angels make a terrific short summer read; learn more about them when they are protecting us from hidden dangers, when conversing to affect outcomes or announcements on earth and more....

All God's Angels: Loving and Learning from Angelic Messengers pulls back the veil between heaven and earth with Biblical stories, meditations and sacred art. 

All God's Angels focuses on the role of heavenly messengers and their work in our lives. Angels are servants of love, doing God’s bidding with a theology of burning love. Angels seek out God's own, draw us closer, long enough for the sparks of His glory to reach us and ignite a flame in our own souls.

Where did that image of angel wings come from? How much contact is possible between humans and angels?  Author Vinita Hampton Wright in A Catalogue of Angels: The Heavenly, the Fallen, and the Holy Ones Among Us  answers these and other questions in this illuminating and richly informative guide to angels in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. “Angel: a spiritual being superior to humans in power and intelligence; also an attendant spirit or guardian.”

Explore the origin and nature of angels, where they dwell, what they do, and how they relate to humanity. Discover what the three Abrahamic faiths have to say about loving and fallen angels where doctrine and superstition merge and separate.

Listen to The Chants of Angels with the Gloriae Dei Cantores Schola. Using the ancient melodies and texts of the early church, each Gregorian chant depicts a new aspect or story of these heavenly guardians, guides and friends, from the most intimate plea to our own guardian angels, to the great announcement made to the Virgin Mary by the Archangel Gabriel. For those who are new to Gregorian chant and for seasoned scholars, The Chants of Angels allows listeners to simply close their eyes and be surrounded by these songs of prayer and comfort — just as they are surrounded by unseen angels.

The Little Angels Book of Prayers by Elena Pasquali and Angels for Kids by Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle create for children a reassuring familiarity with these angel guardians and protectors. 

The Little Angels Book of Prayers is a sweet collection of prayers and blessings, a perfect gift for a new baby, a young child on Baptism, First Communion, Easter, or a birthday.  Soft pastel illustrations accompany the simple, joyful text that assuring children of God's love and protection. 

Angels for Kids unpacks the invisible world of angels, often overlooked. Based on Catholic teaching, Angels for Kids offers proof of the true existence of angels from the dawn of creation. This inspiring book opens the eyes and hearts of youth and their families to a greater awareness of the unseen world. The book provides warm encouragement to keep company with the incredible angelic friends who unceasingly glorify God. A chapter of special prayers to the angels completes the book.
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