All Things Bright and Beautiful

By Hummingbird

Genesis and several of the Psalms remind us that God created our animal friends and gave us dominion (responsibility) over (for) them. This carries a serious understanding to care for them as God cares for us. In Matthew, Jesus speaks of how God has lovingly and carefully planned in the creation of the world for each of his creatures to be fed. How much more does he carefully supply our needs in all things. We so often forget, believing ourselves to be our own providers and producers.

Like many of you have experienced, my animal friends have taught me so many things about Jesus and God our Father: loyalty, steadfastness, sensitivity, joy, trust, availability, never changing love, patience, longsuffering, and dependence are but a few. They are always fully themselves, live in the moment, trust me to love and keep them and intuitively respond to God’s presence and direction, leaving many of us breathless at some of their seemingly wise actions and tender responses to us. With a full heart, I thank God for his provision for me through the animals he has put in my care.

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