An Unknowing Gift-Giver

By Melodious Monk

One of the ways I have often known God to talk to me is through other people, and at often unexpected moments. Last Tuesday, in the middle of a physical therapy appointment for my back, the therapist said rather plainly, “if your back starts to hurt doing an exercise, the answer here is not to push through the pain.” This was sort of a side-bar comment in between sets of exercises as she gave me the next set of instructions.  Inside of me, everything froze for a split second, and these words were emblazoned in my ears and minds-eye like a bright neon light.

Laying there on my back on top of the physio-ball, I immediately felt like these words were coming from God. As God often seems to be, His help was simple, clear…and unexpected!  “The answer here is not to push through the pain.”  Right away I knew this was God’s answer to a prayer I’d been specifically asking for guidance and clarity of direction on since early Monday morning. (The prayer request had nothing to do with my back)

Initially I was so excited I wanted to ask the therapist to: 1) please repeat what she had just said, 2) if there was any more to the message from God? 3) could she possibly answer a few more questions I have for the Almighty?!  I’m sure she had no idea that she might have been speaking on behalf of God. Nevertheless, I still believe she was. I think God used those words to care for me, and to assure me once again that he is listening, and responding to our prayers.

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