Autumn of the Soul

By Renaissance Girl

I stepped outside for a quick breath of fresh air this morning and found a patch of sunshine. The warmth on my back felt wonderful, having emerged from an air-conditioned office. I think I sighed out loud which only my dog heard — a moment of relief.

The moment was shattered by a gentle gust of cold air, a whispered reminder that today is the last day of summer and we turn our face towards autumn, my favorite, and then winter. I shook off the breeze and headed back inside. And the thought blew across my mind — Truth is like that sometimes.

Sometimes we’re tempted to seek out a tiny patch of sun in our life and curl up to soak it in, halting any forward motion.  In that moment a cool breeze passes over us carrying with it a word of truth we need to hear, or a poke to get us to keep going so we don’t settle for the little bits of sun.

And the question is, will we turn up our collar and tuck our head down to keep it out?  Or will we let the breath of God shake our branches free of old leaves so they are ready to bloom again?

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