Creative Genius

By Melodious Monk

Back in the spring, there where some extra zinnia seedlings available near our potting shed.  Not really knowing what a zinnia was, I grabbed a flat of tiny seedlings, figuring I would try planting them somewhere. With almost no root, and just a short razor thin green top, I worried these wispy seedlings would never last outdoors. But with nothing to loose, we planted them quickly in an empty corner of the front garden bed were a small tree recently had been removed.  The seedlings got partial sun and I watered them occasionally at first, but mostly just left them to Mother Nature. They started to grow, albeit slowly, not looking like much, and I was often surprised they were even still alive.

Last week I walked by and saw a beautiful purple flower!  I stopped and starred, almost in disbelief, at this large single purple flower beaming atop the end of a sturdy three foot stalk.  It made me smile, and marvel again at the genius of creation.

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