Experience Advent with our handpicked collection đź•Ż

Experience Advent with our handpicked collection đź•Ż

Advent, the season of expectant hope, is right around the corner.

Whether you carve out a few moments of peace before going to bed, or take 15 minutes with your coffee in the quiet of the morning, give yourself the gift of a little time and space to appreciate each day of this sacred season.  

In different ways—through beloved literature, the treasures of Scripture, or the unseen wonder of forest creatures—these devotionals help us make space for God as we continue to discover the meaning in the waiting. We hope you'll find the perfect book to bless your Advent, a very different one for sure!

This daily devotional for Advent by some of our most beloved contemporary authors (Eugene Peterson, Kathleen Norris, Luci Shaw, and others) offers a thoughtful way to slow down and reconnect with the traditions that illuminate the meaning of Christmas and the Incarnation.



“Maybe it’s not right to think of feasting during the somewhat penitential season of Advent, but that is what this book is: a sumptuous feast.” —Lauren Winner



Gorgeous art and meditations offer hope and inspiration to all who find Christmas to be a time of pain as well as joy. 



This book opens up the Scriptures, themes, and liturgical traditions of Advent, reminding us that it is a season of grace. Consider this book a daily retreat, a time to let go of the activity and noise of life and simply listen.



Praying the Psalms is a tried-and-true way for us to make room and get ready for the coming of Christ. This devotional combines the words of the Psalms with meditations from the early Church Fathers.



Spiritual director and Benedictine monk Anselm Grün offers a daily practical guide to Advent, with activities and interactive questions for personal devotion or family prayer. Also included are special reflections for the Sundays of the season.  



Told from the point of view of a child, this story is filled with fresh ways to experience timeless Advent traditions. In her gentle, thoughtful style, Laura Alary introduces children to biblical stories and characters, and assures them of God's love and presence.



Open a window onto the natural world with original woodcuts and thoughtful meditations for every day of Advent. This bestselling Advent devotional is unlike any other. 



“Christian formation begins in the home and A Homemade Year gives us ways and means of accomplishing that with joy, holiness, and a healthy portion of just plain, old-fashioned fun.” 
—Phyllis Tickle



The Advent Coloring Calendar will provide a daily dose of peace and focus. Create something beautiful by coloring a pattern for each of the 24 days before Christmas.



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