Find the Triumphant Life Your Heart is Searching For

Find the Triumphant Life Your Heart is Searching For

“Derek Webster offers a proven path towards healing and wholeness that offers lasting results we all desperately need.”Dr. Eric Bryant, Gateway Church, Austin, TX

Turn the frustrations of your life into healing.

This book is designed to parallel the journey from dysfunction to health using the biblical story of Joseph. Why Joseph? The story of Joseph is a story not only of moving from slavery to power, but also of how messes can become masterpieces. Joseph changed from a world of broken relationships to one of healthy relationships. He was transformed from the inside out, and against all the odds. That’s the kind of victory we all aspire to achieve. We think of Joseph as an extraordinary person. But the Bible sees Joseph as an ordinary person that God made exceptional...

Are we helpless in the face of dysfunction, or can we do something about it? And what about God? Is God indifferent to our messes, or does he care about them? The story of Joseph reminds us of what we can and can’t control, how and why God uses circumstances and people to grow us, and how we can be proactive along the way...

There are no shortcuts to change. Each of you is on a journey of divine design. But if you’ll pay attention and follow God closely, there’s a pathway to a better life.

—Derek Webster, from the Introduction

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Derek Webster is lead pastor at Grace Pointe, a multi-campus church based in Naperville, Illinois. Derek has planted churches, trained leaders, and advised organizations globally. As a teacher and pastor, he has helped thousands discover how to follow Jesus and grow in spiritual maturity. He and his wife, Melissa, have a growing family, with the recent addition of grandchildren. Running happily alongside of them is one precocious dog named, Poppy.

“A soul-searching and spirit-lifting journey.” —Dr. Craig Ott, ReachGlobal Chair of Mission at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

“Self-help books continue to fly off the shelves in our broken, divided, and chaotic world. Too often these books offer temporary solutions or impossible results. Derek Webster offers a proven path towards healing and wholeness that offers lasting results we all desperately need.” —Dr. Eric Bryant, pastor at Gateway Church, Austin, TX

“With honesty and transparency, Webster unfolds the story of Joseph for adults looking for relevance in their own narratives, when issues they face seem to take them off track.” —Lori Pritchard, Christian counselor/psychotherapist  

“One of the Bible's great mini-biographies is about Joseph. What is not often noticed is the nuances of his story that are so common to what we experience. Joseph is us, one might say. Derek Webster, without forcing Joseph's story into some pre-existing mold, takes us on a journey to spiritual health and formation. No matter who you are, something in Joseph's life will speak to you.” —Rev. Canon Dr. Scot McKnight, author of The Jesus Creed and many other books

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