Get out of the Boat

By Renaissance Girl

Someone said to me yesterday, when it comes to looking inside myself at who I am, I get so far and then I stop. There’s a line I don’t want to cross. The same is true for my attempts at vulnerability – it’s as if I run into an invisible electric fence placed there by my own hands. I’ve heard it before but I wanted to protest, to argue that it isn’t true.

The harder truth to admit is that it is true and that maybe, I don’t want to look any deeper. If I find the invisible line, I may have to cross it – and then who will I be and what will keep me safe?

The scriptures this week are about Jesus and his love for the disciples (and us), making sure we know everything we need to, and sending us the Holy Spirit to help us – and I say, where is my faith?

Can I set out in my boat and head into the storm trusting that, at just the right moment, I’ll see Jesus walking out to meet me? And can I step over the side of the boat and keep my eyes on him and not the raging waters?


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