Gregorian Chant: The Eternal Song

By Cantor
Chant When Needed!
I just had the privilege of being part of a chant schola that participated in a liturgy for mission outreach. There were many choirs singing in the service but only one chant schola – ours! The clergy asked us to choose a piece we thought appropriate for the occasion and almost instantly, one of our schola members suggested the Communion chant:
“Andrew said to Simon, his brother: I have found the Messiah who is said to be the Christ: and His name is Jesus.”  John I: 41-42  (Communion for Week II, Ordinary Time, Year B – found on page 263 of the Graduale Triplex).
The room fell silent as we chanted this beautiful text.The chant echoes Andrew’s outcry to his brother and also highlights the name of “Jesus” with the most extraordinary melodic shape and motive.  This was a great example of chant composed for one purpose able to serve for a completely different one. We should never pass up the opportunity to chant when and where we are needed!








Image Credit: Chants from a choirbook from Florence – Victoria and Albert

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