Paraclete Publications Update

March 23, 2020 – Paraclete Press announces a one-month delay on titles that were to be published in May and early June.

“We have added one month to those publication dates,” says Paraclete publisher Jon M. Sweeney.

Paraclete has five new titles – a memoir, two novels, a nonfiction work on Henri Nouwen, and a chapbook of poems – that are publishing in March and April. Those books remain unaffected.

The publication dates of two books are changing today:

•      The Neglected C. S. Lewis: Exploring the Riches of His Most Overlooked Books, by Mark Neal and Jerry Root. Publication date changing from May 19 to June 18.

•      Recital of Love: Sacred Receivings, by Keren Dibbens-Wyatt. Publication date changing from June 9 to July 9.

“As with you all, we have realized this is not a ‘business as usual’ situation,” Sweeney continued. “We are facing a mostly disrupted book market at every level. We are launching the terrific books that are coming in now, and then prudently putting four to six weeks of space between those titles and the next batch headed to printers. We hope and pray that things will come back into working order soon.”

For interviews with Jon Sweeney or review copies of any of the above books, please contact Publicist Rachel McKendree at or 1-800-451-5006 ext 301.

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