Best Reads for Social Distancing

Best Reads for Social Distancing

Now that we all have a little more time to read and reflect, we've been going back to some of our favorite Paraclete books for new inspiration.... these are especially fitting! 

 We're all experiencing it right now, if not by choice - but did you know it's actually an ancient monastic virtue? In The Wisdom of Stability, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove makes the case for staying put. “In a culture that is characterized by unprecedented mobility and speed,” he writes, “I am convinced that the most important thing most of us can do to grow spiritually is to stay in the place where we are.”

With Holy Week just one week away, the prospect of not being able to gather in church, and knowing that resources for many are tightening, we want to send any family in need with young children The Pope's Cat series of 4 books for just $25. 

When things feel overwhelming, frustrating, and or scary, it helps to get out of our heads and focus on something positive. Color, write, bead, knit, or make crosses from items around your yard or house, and discover a new way to pray. And enjoy our free downloadable coloring pages with hopeful words of faith as a way to breathe out the stress (and spend some time away from your screens).  Downloadable coloring pages for you and your family!

What made the early Christians so valiant, even to the point of being willing to suffer martyrdom -- and we get upset when the internet is slow? Frederica
Mathewes-Green explores the faith of the first Christians and how it might work for us today in The Illumined Heart, a little book that reviewers call “clear, practical, and inspiring" with "amazing amounts of profoundly useful guidance.”

 We may not be able to travel to Chartres or even New York City right now, but we can take an armchair journey to visit 31 of the world's most awe-inspiring cathedrals in Places of Light: The Gift of Cathedrals to the World. Soaking in this gorgeous, fully illustrated book can enrich our appreciation of the world and the enduring beauty of these buildings designed for God. 

Sure, we have challenges now, but so many people have experienced much worse -- and emerged stronger. Reading about overcomers like Gregory Floyd, who turned his personal tragedy into a classic book on grief that has helped thousands, and Corrie Ten Boom and Klara Kardos, who survived Auschwitz and shared their stories of faith and hope with the world.

Maybe your faith background is Protestant—but have you ever wondered about the Orthodox Church, with its depth and mystery? Or perhaps you grew up Catholic, but want to broaden your understanding of the foundational Biblical teachings of Jesus. There are also some surprising ways that understanding Judaism can deepen the Christian spiritual practices. Here, you'll find essential introductions to aspects of the Christian faith that might enhance your own spiritual path.
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