The Theology of Dan Brown

Reading Dan Brown’s Inferno? Check out the blog “Facing the Inferno: 60 Days in Dan Brown’s Hell” to learn more about Dante and his original poem, some really interesting info!

Faces from Dante's InfernoHere is a taste (used with permission, of course!):

Dan Brown’s novel, Inferno, arrived in Tuesday’s mail. There was an embargo on this book – no one in the media was permitted to review it until the actual publication date (May 14, 2013). So now, hundreds of book reviewers and bloggers are speedily reading it in order to post their thoughts to the world. Some of them even stayed up all night long to speed read and then post.

We will take it slower. This blog is not where you will go to find a synopsis of Dan Brown’s Inferno. You can find that almost anywhere. Instead, this is where you will come if you want to explore what Brown has to say about Dante, the poet, and Dante’s famous poem.

It won’t surprise you that Dan Brown gets a lot of things wrong. Or that he twists and imagines ideas and events that did not actually happen in order to enhance his fictional narrative. We will point out some of these things, here. But most of all, we will explore the real Dante.

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