Thoughts of Visions

By Melodious Monk

Lord Jesus Christ, you are the Word and Revelation of the Eternal Father.
Come, we pray, and take possession of our hearts.
Cleanse us from all that would make us deaf to your call or slow to obey it.
Fill our minds with the thought and our imaginations with the vision of your love,
that there may remain in us no room for any desire that is not in accord with your holy will;
For with the Father and the Holy Spirit, you are blessed for ever. Amen.
William Temple

I like this prayer. I like its hope, and its challenge. I try to imagine what it would be like to only think and be aware of God’s love. If I took the best moments I’ve ever known, the times I felt most alive, most full of purpose, most loved – can you imagine that being every moment? I find it takes courage to hang on to visions of God’s love. God’s necessary “cleansing” involves suffering and the need for faith to grow. It is far too easy, and much less work to be fearful, negative and cynical in this life. But it is also lonely and un-rewarding. I want, and need, to spend more time filling my thoughts with visions of his love.


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