A contemporary expression of ancient faith. . .

In 1970, near a small fishing village on the shores of Cape Cod Bay, God called the Community of Jesus together—some 25 mostly Protestant Christians, who felt a common sense of vocation to live, pray, and work together. Today the Community of Jesus has grown into a contemporary Benedictine Monastery in the form of a modern ecumenical abbey comprised of people from many walks of life and varying occupations. Religious Sisters and Brothers and married families with children all live, work, and pray together. Many of the adults work at the Community’s Christian publishing house, Paraclete Press.

At the heart of the Community is the new Church of the TransfigurationThe Church of the Transfiguration tells the story of this contemporary expression of a fourth-century style of architecture filled with mosaics and frescos, sculpted bronze, glass, and stone images. This church is a visible sign of God’s saving action redeeming humanity, drawing on Scripture and Church tradition and on the Community’s Cape Cod setting. This volume is also the story of lives that were shaped and formed by planning and building this church, and of the transformation of those lives, through the daily prayer that takes place within its walls, into faithful witnesses to the gospel of Jesus Christ, promoting a vision for reconciliation and Christian unity, and, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, glorifying God through worship, common life, creative arts, and hospitality.
You can browse sample pages on the Paraclete Press website or visit the Community of Jesus website to read more.
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