A guide to finding your way in the dark

We talk a lot about vision at Paraclete. Where are we heading? What are we trying to accomplish? What is God asking us to do next? It’s an exciting way to work, scary sometimes, but never boring.

Last night I was walking home. It was dark out, and I had a flashlight (or at least a flashlight app — hooray for those!) I was using it to highlight a small area right in front of my feet, when this thought popped into my head. Grabbing ahold of the vision is a lot light using a flashlight. We can highlight the tiny circle around our feet, making certain we won’t stumble, but we’ll never really know exactly where we are heading. Or we can shine the light at the road ahead of us, possibly tripping on the little ruts along the way, but certain we are moving in the direction we want to go.

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